Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Time to Heal

In three weeks, half of my friends are going to be very disappointed.  The election will be over and in each contest one candidate will win and one will lose.  Hopefully, we can all look forward to freedom from caustic ads and the obsessions of our friends over the election.  After the election, I hope all of my friends are still speaking to each other.

I’d like to offer a few words for finding common ground and making peace with each other.  First, forget the angry words spouted by entertainers.  We’ve heard some particularly nasty comments this election season.  When the election is over.  It is time to recognize that some famous people are willing to manipulate the populous for their own profit.  Let’s ignore them and move on toward a goal of loving our neighbors.

I’ve heard numerous stories about the evils that this candidate or another will commit if elected.  Reality check:  None of us can foretell the future.  Will any elected candidate behave in the predicted fashion—either for good or evil?  I don’t know.  Nobody knows.  When the election is over, it is time to stop worrying about what someone might do.  You’ve done the best that you knew how in your choices at the polls.  Now, it is time to trust in God to provide for you and practice loving your neighbor.

We’ve tried, over the past few months, to dialogue on issues close to our hearts.  In many cases both the pro and con sides of the discussion have wanted the same outcome.  Our disagreement has been over how to get from where we are now to where we want to be.  Do we regulate more?  Less?  About the same?  Do we pass new legislation?  Do we enforce existing legislation?  We disagree on how to accomplish our goals.  Most of those disagreements are based on ideologies that will not work without compromise.  It is time to set aside our favorite opinion on how to accomplish our common national goals and practice loving our neighbors.

Yes, our country has a great deal of work to do to restore economic stability, safety in our communities and the security of all members of our country.  We may be battling some huge forces of evil, but I think if we work together, we-the-people can grow our county to a position of physical security, economic stability and peace.  The government cannot do this for us even if they were inclined to try.  As long as we are divided we cannot heal.  Our first step is to set aside our anger and sense of self-righteousness.   We need to take a look around us and take action based on love for our neighbors.

Now is the time to ask yourself, “What can I do to help heal my nation?”  I think we will all find different answers.  For myself, I will continue to write books, garden organically, care for my foster daughter and prayerfully worship God.  Healing is possible, but it must begin with all of us making the decision to love our neighbor.


  1. Delinda, I agree that it will take each citizen to put this country back on its feet. We have become a complacent nation, and let 'celebrities' (some of them only 20 years old) influence our thoughts. I agree with Martin Luther King Jr, do not judge a man by his color, but by his character. Which candidate really follows moral laws? Decide after prayerful consideration, and be influenced only by God and His wisdom. This is not a time to 'row with the flow', but to seriously consider what is best for this great country. Thanks again for such a thought provoking post! God bless you, Delinda!

  2. Great post, Delinda! This has been a particularly volatile campaign and, after the election, our country will have to set aside prior grievances and work together as a unified nation.

  3. I enjoyed your common-sense blog today. Even though we all have different priorities, at least we have the freedom to vote our consciences and don't have to worry about whether or not it's safe to go to a polling place, as is the case in some countries. I definitely plan to vote, and I am looking forward to this pre-election nastiness being over with!

  4. Thanks for commenting. It does bother me to see people who want the same things fighting over how to get the job done. - Delinda

    PS Google Chrome is being fussy about letting me comment on my own post.

  5. I enjoyed your words today. I will continue to have faith and pray to God to be a better me for those around me. As for the earth, don't litter, recycle, and use as little paper as possible to save our forests, but that doesn't mean I'm advocating the ban on books...heck not, just when you have the choice and can choose Kindle or E-books. Continue Delinda:):)

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    P.S. Great post and I posted Lincoln's "A Country Divided" speech on my FB page.

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